Jutt started skydiving in 1992 at the United Parachute Club in Gilbertsville, PA.  He went through the AFF student program and joined the United States Parachute Associate soon thereafter.  Shortly after he obtained his Pro license.

Jutt with Cindy Cooper and Janet Kelly Linquist during his 1992 AFF level 3 student jump.

He has participated in multiple Skydiving disciplines including Relative Work (RW), FreeStyle, SkySurfing, and HeadDown.  In 1992 Jutt became a Herd member during one of many legendary annual Herd Boogies.

Jutt's home dropzone United Parachute Club closed its doors in 2002.  He has since jumped at several DropZones including Crosskeys, Maytown, Chambersburg, and most recently Keystone Skydiving Center, and Skydive Philadelphia.
Jutt over Otay Lakes during a 1998 jump over San Diego.
Jutt opening over UPC in 1992 over Gilbertsville, PA..